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Reference:Pascal Coast, 1822

Hammam Al Tanbali, Cairo

(Restoration and Rehabilitation Strategy)
The project is partially financed by the European Union under the supervision of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
The project’s aims at: 1- the restoration and the rehabilitation of the building and architectural ornaments and brings it back to its original form guided by the historical references; 2- refurbishing the building to its original use as a traditional public bath and as a prototype for other locations, especially since the bath will be used for its original purpose, while providing it with the necessary protection measures; 3- installing modern techniques in restoration and conservation; 4- utilizing environmental sustainable measures for energy and water; 5- exhibiting the traditional water and energy systems, which reflect the old life style and its connection with the local community; 6- connecting the bath and its new usage with the local community, while fostering economic, cultural, social and health improvement; 7- expanding the vision from mere restoration of a monument to contributing to neighborhood comprehensive development; and 8- finding a new form of partnership between the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the various funding local institutions. The importance of this project lies in the concept of considering Islamic monuments as living heritage, thus guiding the rehabilitation strategy in a way that integrates the building into society current life to insure sustainable conservation. (Research study and project)

Location: Bab El She’reya, Cairo, Egypt
Date: 2009
Client: Supreme Council of Antiquities
Area: 1 540 m2
Cost: About 6 000 000.00 LE


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