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Karnak Al Baraby, Luxor

Morphology of Upper Egypt landscape and architecture is the generating concept of this project. Land shapes, canals and visitation all follow the Nile River; the main source of life and joy in the Egyptian soil. Buildings follow the north and north western orientations to make the project environmentally wise and Nile view beneficiary at the same time. The project retrieves the indigenous nature of vernacular architecture with its ornaments, symbols and totems richness. At the same time the buildings follow a structural and architectural module that allow for flexibility and economic construction according to market demands. It contains a hotel, tourist housing, commercial and recreational facilities in addition to gardens and orchards.

Location: Luxor
Date: 2010
Client: Luxor Real Estate and Tourism Investment
Area: 24 415 m2
Cost: 147 000 000.00 LE