Mission Statement
Architecture should be a medium for enhancing people’s quality of life, and culture development. Linkages with heritage, environment and geography are key issues to our design approach. We tend to favor appropriate technologies and materials in regard to the specific missions. Design for us is an analytical interpretation to clients’ needs, dreams, and means with respect to given circumstances.

Mimar Engineering Consultancy is a consulting group that existed since 1956 under the name: “Gamal Bakry and Associates”. Since the year 1999 it was re-established as a Limited Liability Company (S.A.E.) under the law no. 159, year 1983. This move, not only broadened the firm’s horizon and strength to undertake international consultancies, but also expanded its area of expertise and transformed the practice from an individual entity to a group dynamic. The company targets projects that enhance quality of life, sustainable comprehensive development, heritage conservation, and culture enlightenment. Among other interesting projects, we have been responsible for the architectural design; museum scenario and exhibition makeup; landscaping; urban renewal; reuse and rehabilitation of historic buildings.